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Jun 28, 2019


What a delight it was to meet Nancy D. Butler. We had a fascinating conversation with this remarkable woman who lives life with full on enthusiasm.


She told us how she started as a single mother of two children, with $2,000 to her name, and moved 70 miles from home to begin again.  From those humble beginnings,...

Jun 23, 2019 what we need to do to "make it happen". (whatever that means) is to hustle...more and more and more...out hustling everyone else.

Is this true? 


In this episode, we look at that belief, and question its validity.

Gina and Bill look at their personal ideas about the work ethic, and how they find a balance...

Jun 14, 2019

On an earlier podcast, we touched on the subject of the developing use of psychotropic and psychedelic drugs in cases of PTSD and anxiety/depression. 


In this episode we have the pleasure of talking with Laura, a therapist who has done a lot of research on this topic. She shares her story, her personal experience with...

Jun 8, 2019

One of our listeners contacted us with a concern about how to best deal with a situation she was dealing with regarding an employee.


We talked about ways to handle this, which then led us into a conversation about relationships in general. We agreed about the importance managing our own inner conflicts can have in...