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Apr 26, 2019

In this week's episode, we get to talk with Robert Gallagher, founder of Neo-Life Wellness...Escape the Medical Matrix.
They offer products and services which provide options to the highly regulated and funded traditional medical choices. We strive to bring thought provoking topics to our listeners, and this episode was no exception. We talked for well over an hour about the huge range of alternatives that exist for wellness, and were reminded how valuable it is to ask questions about healthcare.
Bill was amazed to learn just how much research has been done into many of these alternatives by some of the worlds greatest minds, who actually followed these methods themselves.
Rob Gallagher has always been a free thinker, but found a love for holistic health in 2014 after healing himself of a knee injury without the help of the medical system.  Since then he has spent countless hours researching biochemistry, epigenetics, nutrition, detox, CBD oil, water filtration and now metaphysical study including quantum resonance as discovered by Nikola Tesla over a century ago.  He's using his NEO-LIFE Wellness platform to educate people about how the body works, blogging about his own story, and promoting some amazing new products to help fund the expansion of NEO-LIFE Wellness to impact more people.
Thank you all for all the support and please if you want more CLICK HERE