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Mar 8, 2019

Most of us face the issue of being bombarded with information and stories on the media, and trying to decide what is accurate,and what is not.

In this episode, we agree on the value of keeping an open mind, and not jumping to hasty conclusions before we determine , to the best of our ability, what the facts are.
We looked at censorship, and briefly talked about the rights and wrongs of that practice.
Given that we all have the responsibility for our own thoughts, it seems to make sense to educate ourselves and those around us to the best of our ability, always remembering that no two people will have the same thoughts, beliefs and/or values.
What do you think? Do we leave it up to our government or other news sources to decide what information we receive?
We would love to hear  your thoughts and ideas on this topic! And as always, many thanks for listening!